Vegan Sues Burger King Over ‘Purity’ of Impossible Whopper

Impossible Whopper (Image via Burger King)

Kvetch, kvetch, kvetch! Some people will always find something to complain about at a restaurant. Their food is too cold, or it took to long to come out of the kitchen.

Now one disgruntled customer is suing Burger King on the grounds that its meatless “Impossible Whoppers” are contaminated by being cooked on the same grills as its traditional meat burgers.

Reuters reports via NBC News:

In a proposed class action, Phillip Williams said he bought an Impossible Whopper, a plant-based alternative to Burger King’s regular Whopper, at an Atlanta drive-through, and would not have paid a premium price had he known the cooking would leave it “coated in meat by-products.”

The lawsuit filed in Miami federal court seeks damages for all U.S. purchasers of the Impossible Whopper, and an injunction requiring Burger King to “plainly disclose” that Impossible Whoppers and regular burgers are cooked on the same grills.

The Impossible Whopper has generated as much heat in the press as it has on BK’s flat tops. Last month, it was reported that the sandwich contained enough estrogen to cause men to grow breasts. That claim has since been debunked by a scientist who insists the sandwich contains phytoestrogen, which he argues, acts very differently in the human body than the naturally produced hormone.