Image: Duomo 51

After decades as a culinary wasteland, Rockefeller Center began a revival in the last several years that recently culminated in such high-visibility, much-in-demand dining destinations as Le Rock and Avra.

The latest contender for your dining dollar, Duomo 51, opened yesterday across Fifth Avenue from Rockefeller Center, offering views of both Prometheus and St. Patrick’s Cathedral (the duomo referenced in the name).

Duomo is the younger sibling of Tuscan steakhouse Ramerino and shares several menu items, most notably bistecea alla Fiorentina and a first course of grilled octopus in a chickpea crema. Wines, as you might expect, are sourced predominantly from Tuscany.

Duomo 51, which holds court on the seventh floor of the Double Tree Hotel, features a glass-enclosed terrace whose roof retracts when the the weather is fair. The dimly lit main dining room proper has a hushed, almost reverent quality to it — precisely what you’d expect from il duomo.

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