Fauci doughnut (Image: Donut Delight)

No, Fauci is not the name of some new trendy baker. He is a doctor and director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease. Currently he is part of a White House task force to combat and attempt to end once and for all the coronavirus pandemic, which has especially hit the lives of New Yorkers hard.

To celebrate the good doctor’s strong leadership and sage counsel in this time of crisis, Donuts Delite, a Rochester, N.Y., bakery is selling a donut with his likeness. According to ABC affiliate WHAM, the confection is quite a sensation:

“Right now, we’re selling over 100 an hour at least,” [owner Nick Semeraro] told 13WHAM. “We had no idea they would blow up like that.”

“It just started as a tribute,” he added. “It started as a thank you. It’s sticking, and I think it’s great. People are stuck at home and what’s happening is, it’s starting conversations. Whether they pick it up for someone, it starts that thinking outside of the box and giving back.”

For information on shipping, visit Donuts Delite’s website.