Oreo x Ritz (Image: Mondelez International)

Years ago, a stand-up comedian whose name now escapes us was speculating on the origins of Clamato juice. Said the comic, “Did someone taste tomato juice for the first time, smack his lips contemplatively, and declare, ‘Needs fish’?”

That joke came to mind after we read CNN’s report on “Oreo x Ritz,” a snack comprised of “one part cracker and another part cookie, joined together by a layer of peanut-butter-flavored creme and another layer of cookie creme.”

“If that mashup sounds delicious, act quick,” the writers urge, noting that the partners were giving out free samples beginning this past Thursday at noon and that supplies were limited.

Two observations: First, the samples, which disappeared almost instantaneously, were never quite free. Suckers Interested parties were required to cover a shipping charge of $3.95. Second, even if Mondelēz International, the parent company of both Oreos and Ritz, never reissues the mashup (which we find unlikely), you can jury-rig your own version of the sweet and salty snack by buying a box of Ritz Crackers, a package of Oreos, and, if necessary, a jar of peanut butter. The rest isn’t exactly rocket science.

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