Thanksgiving to Go

Image: Great Performances

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into restaurants, out comes new COVID-19 data that warn that New York is facing another spike in the number of cases. The governor has already issued a curfew on restaurants and bars, which will now be required to close by 10 p.m.

How that will affect Thanksgiving options remains to be seen. If you have made reservations at any our Thanksgiving dining recommendations or any other restaurant, you should probably confirm before going forward.

It’s still likely that the Cote, one of the restaurants in that feature, is going forward with its “to-go” orders, available for pickup or delivery ($375). Here are a few other possibilities.

David Burke, owner and executive chef of the Upper East Side tavern that bears his name, is offering a “Grab n’ Gobble” option that centers on either half turkey, which serves 6 to 8, or a whole bird, which feeds 9 to 12. The meals, which come with six (count ’em, 6) sides plus a sausage stuffing and cranberry orange ginger relish, are priced at $275 and $375 respectively. Orders must be placed here by Nov. 22 for pick-up at the restaurant on Thanksgiving Day, between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. David Burke’s Tavern is located at at 135 E. 62 Street (bet. Lexington and Park).

Catering and events company Great Performances‘s Thanksgiving feast addresses the age-old holiday dilemma of satisfying both white meat and dark meat lovers. How? By presenting on one platter the breast meat carved and the thigh stuffed and braised with herbs and spices, plus a whole drumstick. A rich gravy and cranberry-citrus zest compote are included. Starters (such as a smoked trout spread with scallions, caraway seeds, and multigrain lavash), sides (think orange and spice-roasted carrots with toasted pistachios), and desserts are extra. The base cost is $240 for four people, $60 for each extra person. Order no later than midnight, Nov. 22, for pick-up or delivery on Wednesday, Nov. 25. For more information on pickup locations and delivery, call 212-727-2424 or write: [email protected].

The British don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, though you’d never know it judging by the Thanksgiving to-go package available via Jones Wood Foundry (reviewed here). The British gastropub is offering up a three-course dinner for four that opens with butternut squash ravioli in a split pea broth, with ham hock, goat cheese, and pea shoots, followed by turkey accompanied by a chestnut, apple, and sage stuffing, plus an assortment of sides. Pumpkin pie with chantilly cream for dessert. The meal concludes in true British fashion with a 64-ounce growler of mulled apple and pomegranate cider. The cost is $240. JWF’s Thanksgiving meal box is available for pickup or delivery on Nov. 25, Nov. 27, and Thanksgiving Day. Delivery requires 24 hours notice.