Image: Mushroom Cups

Some years ago, a comedian whose name now eludes us wondered aloud about the origins of Clamato juice. “How did it start?” the comedian asked. “Did someone taste tomato juice for the first, think about the flavor, and remark, ‘Needs fish.'”

That joke occurred to us when we first read the press release for Mushroom Cups, billed as gourmet coffee infused with wild mushrooms. We’ve all heard of coffee brewed with chicory, and in recent years coffee flavor enhancers have become all the rage.

But the presence of mushrooms in Mushoom Cups is not meant to be just another gimmick. The aroma and flavor of coffee prevail in each cup — and pretty good coffee at that. The product is made with coffee beans that are certified organic and sourced from the Cajamarca coffee-growing region in Peru.

So where do the mushrooms fit in? They are blended in in such a way as to yield purported health-giving benefits. There are three basic blends, all based on wild chanterelles, a superfood. Glow! is said to empower your immune system, while Go Sharp! boosts learning and focus and Go Tireless! enhances stamina and energy.

Image: Mushroom Cups

Mushroom Cups may be ordered from the company website. A cannister of 10 servings sells for $14.90. A bundle of five cannisters sells for $59.50.