Image: Bonnie & Pop

I’ve now played Word Association about a million times, and each time it comes out the same — Mother’s Day gift : chocolate, Mother’s Day gift : chocolate. Then again, my Mom loves chocolate, probably as much as I do, so the outcome is inevitable.

Now I can imagine scoffers saying that chocolate for Mother’s Day is about as original at this point as a tie for Father’s Day. But that’s only if you don’t permit your imagination free reign. I’ve come up with a few chocolate gift ideas that are likely to surprise your mother as they are to delight her.

Image: Delysia Chocolatiers

Consider the limited 16-piece edition “Love you, Mom” chocolate truffle collection from Delysia. OK, no sooner do I advocate thinking outside the box than I recommend a collection that comes not only in a box, but a square box at that. The difference is that these are no ordinary chocolates. The handcrafted chocolate itself is amazingly sensual and decadent. Each truffle does a slow-motion melt in your mouth, revealing one of the four fillings: a tart but bright lemon curd blended with apricot enrobed in buttery white chocolate, rose orange blossom encased in creamy milk chocolate, raspberry rose petal studded with bits of the whole fruit, and spiced lemon Earl Grey. The set sells for $55.95. Nota bene: The last date for placing orders where fulfillment is guaranteed is May 3.

Image: Chocolate Pizza Company

What’s that, you say? Your mom loves pizza? Fine. Take her out to dinner (by limo, natch!) at either Zero Otto Nove or Louie and Ernie’s, both in the Bronx and in my estimation the two best pizzerias in the city. Then it’s back home for a generous slice of her Mother’s Day gift — chocolate pizza from Chocolate Pizza Company. The pies, which are made of milk or dark chocolate blended with homemade English toffee, are 10 inches in diameter and weigh a pound. The cost is $25.95. Only two messages to choose from “Happy Mother’s Day” or “Best. Mom. Ever.” — but that special lady in your life is sure to get the message.

You’ve heard of dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate. But have you ever heard of pink chocolate? If you have, it’s been recent. Pink chocolate, also known as ruby chocolate for its pale pink hue, made its first appearance in 2017, courtesy of Belgian chocolatier Barry Callebaut. Now it is beginning to show up everywhere, including in the Pink Chocolate Gift Set by Bonnie & Pop. If pink is not your Mom’s color, you might try ordering the B&P Large Chocolate Gourmet Gift Basket. The assortment (shown at the top of the page and priced at $59.99 is packed to overflowing with chocolate-dipped pretzels, chocolate bark, and hand-dipped chocolate.