Impossible Whopper (Image via Burger King)

It was not that long ago that reports of a brave new world were a regular occurrence in these pages. A new plant-based food delivery service was in the works for vegans, we triumphally wrote, and a branch of the world’s largest plant-based restaurant chain was opening in New York.

Now, suddenly, all the happy talk has given way to dire predictions about the future of fake meat. “[P]rotein alternatives are now struggling, with plant-based pioneers Beyond Meat reporting net revenue losses of nearly 31% in the second quarter of this year,” The Guardian grimly underscores. More crepe-hanging from The Washington Post, which declares that “plant-based meat’s error may be the exact thing that was supposed to make it popular: its attempt to be indistinguishable from meat.”

Plant-food advocates can find a single ray of hope in a Vox article that reminds us that “the industry managed to nearly double US sales from mid-2017 to 2020.” But is it “far too soon to write its obituary,” as the Vox writer claims?

Time will tell.

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