Utopia Bagels Truff New School Cheesesteak (Image: New School American cheese)

Beginning this coming Saturday, Apr. 15, and running through Apr. 23, Chef Eric Greenspan, champion of all comfort food and co-creator of New School American Cheese — the first truly gourmet cheese of its kind — will be popping up at award-winning Utopia Bagels in Whitestone, Queens.

The result of the collaboration will be a one-of-a-kind take on a classic American sandwich — the Utopia Bagels Truff New School Cheesesteak.

Priced at $9.99 per copy, the creation will consist of a toasted Utopia’s everything bagel layered with Philly steak, onions, crispy bacon, and New School American, the totality finished with a hearty drizzle of Truff’s Original Black Truffle Hot Sauce.

The price of the sandwich echoes the price of the 99 Burger, available this season in limited quantity at Yankee Stadium and named for Yankee slugger Aaron Judge, whose number is 99. New School American is also a key ingredient of the burger.

Utopia Bagels, as noted here, is also famous for its insanely large pizza bagels, which feed up to ten people.

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