Plant-Based Mexican Food? Seeyamañana

Image: seeyamañana

Whether it is indeed a look into the future and what it might hold in store for the cuisines of the world or just a passing fad, seeyamañana, a newcomer to the NoMad restaurant scene, has shattered the city’s plant-based Mexican cuisine ceiling.

Despite seeyamañana’s commitment to veganism, the kitchen strays on occasion. In addition to a “root ceviche” — a colorful mélange of pickled roots, mixed sweet peppers, avocado, onions, and more — the house offers a conventional ceviche, drawing on the catch of the day. Some dishes straddle the fence. Chorizo enchiladas are crafted with vegan chorizos. Chilis, potatoes, cheese, and a red sauce distilled from tomatoes complete the production.

The name — a play on “See you, mañana” (Spanish for “tomorrow”) — is as big as the restaurant is minuscule. With only six tables to its name with an additional four outside, seeyamañana advises reserving a table at this juncture.

Prices run from $13 to $18 for main courses. A prix fixe menu is also available by reservation only for $89 per person (including tax and tip) and features a welcome bite, three drinks (cocktails, beer, or wine), a starter, main course, and dessert.

Seeyamañana, 49 W. 27th Street, 917-374-1682.