Image: YouTube screen grab

Some New York restaurant locations are the kiss of death. One such location is the southeast corner of Second Avenue and 25th Street. Currently, the address, 438 Second Avenue, is home to The Royal Munkey, an Indian restaurant that, as of this morning, announces it is temporarily closed.

If the restaurant re-opens, it will have fared better than Palermo, an Argentinian restaurant that held court at the site for about six months. Before that it was home to Tre Gigante, which was the third eatery at the address, behind Christines (a mini-chain of Polish restaurants) and The Burger Joint (a mini-chain of burger restaurants).

But at some restaurant locations, that icy kiss is far more lethal. One such address is 71 Clinton Street, on the Lower East Side. The site has been home to six restaurants in eight years — which just might be a record.

The most recent victim of the curse is The WhaLES, a Korean gastropub that closed last month after a comparatively lengthy two-year stint.

One important difference between 71 Clinton and some of the other ill-fated addresses around the city is that all six of the restaurants that opened and subsequently closed were owned by the same principal. Apparently, six was not a charm.

Here are some other addresses around town to steer clear of, or at least phone the evening of your reservation to make sure the restaurant there is still in business:

  • 333 Hudson Street
  • 33 Avenue of the Americas
  • 117 Second Avenue
  • 225 Varick Street
  • 214 First Avenue
  • 95 First Avenue
  • 470 West 23 Street
  • 230 Fifth Avenue