NYC’s Oldest Cheese Shop Closes After 130 Years; Economy Candy Opens Second Outpost at Age 86

Alleva Dairy (Image: WNBC screen grab)

When it comes to the longevity of its food purveyors, no city comes close to New York. And I’m not talking here about vintage restaurants like Forlini’s, which survived 66 years at the same address, or Gargiulo’s, which opened in 1907 and is still going strong.

I’m talking about the places you take for granted, almost as if they are part of the landscape. I’m talking about Alleva Dairy, in Manhattan’s Little Italy, which is not only the oldest cheese shop in New York but in all of America.

After months of financial struggles and court battles, the store will vacate the corner space it has occupied on Grand Street at Mulberry early next month. “We’re supposed to be out by March 5th,” owner Karen King told WNBC.

Those who know Alleva know that it is more than a cheese shop. In recent years, it expanded its offerings to include prepared Italian dishes, such as homemade soups, as well as sandwich platters. But the expansion was not enough to keep the wolves from the door.

Alleva, we hardly knew ye.

Economy Candy Opens Second Outpost at Age 86

The future meanwhile is looking rosy for another New York institution, Economy Candy, which has been holding court on Rivington Street on the Lower East Side since 1937. The establishment, which claims to be America’s oldest sweet shop, announced that it is opening a branch in Chelsea Market.

According to Eater, the new location will be slightly smaller than the original but will feature “a selection of the same vintage candies and classics as the flagship store.”

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