Ilis's future home, at 150 Green Street (image: Google Maps)

Yes, that Noma — the much-in-demand Copenhagen restaurant that recently generated a ton of buzz when its owner and chef, René Redzepi, announced that he was closing the venue next year and reopening it in 2025 as a “giant lab.”

Now comes word that Noma co-founder Mads Refslund is opening a restaurant of his own in Greenpoint. The restaurant named Ilis is scheduled to open this coming spring. According to its website, Ilis will offer its patrons “a dining experience built in and around a central working kitchen, eliminating the barriers between guests and chefs, front of house and back of house.”

Call me crazy but that description could just as easily fit Hawthorn, the fictional restaurant depicted in the 2022 horror flick “The Menu.”

As has been noted elsewhere, this is not Refslund’s first brush with Brooklyn. Last May the cast — er, crew — of Noma hosted a pop-up in Dumbo, playing each of five nights to a capacity crowd.

Mountain Dew — the Hot Sauce

If you’re a fan of Mountain Dew (or MTN Dew, as it is known in some countries), then you may be a fan of MTN Dew Baja Blast Hot Sauce. Or you may not be, since according to reviews of the new product, the two have little in common apart from the name.

According to Food Network, the sauce, which went on sale yesterday, is being produced in small batches and, for some reason, is not being sold in stores. You can reportedly obtain a bottle by visiting @MountainDew on any social platform. The company is also sponsoring a contest to win a free bottle. The deadline is Feb. 8, 2023. Click here for details.

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