Next Up at Burger King: Meatless Nuggets

Impossible Nuggets (Image: Burger King)

Burger King, home of the Impossible Whopper, has just announced that it will be test-marketing meatless nuggets, marking its second foray into plant-based alternatives to animal protein.

CNBC reports that the fast food giant will be partnering in the venture with Impossible Foods, the company that helped develop the meatless burger patty. Despite a lukewarm reception, the beef-free burger generated a bump in sales, prompting BK’s main competitor, McDonald’s, to get to work developing its own plant-based alternative called the “McPlant” (I kid you not!), which has yet to be released.

The test comes as traditional chicken meat becomes more expensive and harder to find. According to Bank of America Securities, chicken commodity prices have doubled this year. Yum Brands’ KFC stopped advertising its chicken tenders due [sic] a supply shortage last month.

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