A New Entrant to the Online Food Ordering Market

Move over Grub Hub, Seamless, and all you other online food ordering services. A new player has entered the market, and it’s a biggy: none other than social media giant Facebook.

Not quite content to control all aspects of your daily life exclusive of eating, Facebook has rolled out its “Order Food” app on a mass scale. Originally available only to a select test market of users , Order Food is now part of the engine’s vast empire of clicks and scrolls.

Unlike other online ordering services, Order Food allows you to place an order directly from the app, without having to navigate away to a delivery service or a particular restaurant’s own app or website.

On the main navigation page, users will now find a blue hamburger icon nestled among the other more familiar options. According to TechCrunch, which wrote about the new app back in July during its testing phase, the entire process, from ordering to checkout, takes place entirely on Facebook.

As the world of food service moves rapidly in the direction of automation, one can only wonder what’s next. Will some enterprising techie come up with an app that eats your food for you? Don’t be surprised if the answer is yes.

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