Image: Nina Jochnowitz via Facebook

If you’ve been following the story of the 500-pound+ pasta dump found in a wooded area near Old Bridge, N.J., and were hoping to be dazzled by the revelation of whodunnit, prepare to be disappointed. The small mountain of noodles wasn’t left by visitors from outer space. And it wasn’t a stunt by a new restaurant looking for free publicity. According to NBC New York, the noodles were unceremoniously dumped by a man cleaning out his mother’s home after her death. (Those still looking for a mystery can speculate on why anyone would stockpile 500 pounds of pasta in her home, let alone have space to stit.)

Originally, it was assumed that the pasta, which was limp, had been cooked before being discarded. Now authorities suppose that the noodles turned al dente when rain fell on central New Jersey last week.

As to whether the dumper will receive a citation from the township, Mayor Owen Henry told reporters, “It was illegal dumping but it wasn’t anything hazardous. I mean it’s pasta — flour, water and eggs? We’re not focused on that. There are bigger, pressing issues the detective bureau needs to be involved in. It’s not on the front burner.”