Image: Twitter

Dinner hour at an Asian seafood restaurant in Queens turned inexplicably violent last Saturday when some two dozen masked thugs descended on the dining room, hurling tables and chairs and smashing windows. The marauders were gone as quickly as they had appeared but left $20,000 worth of damage in their wake.

According to CBS News, the scene of the unprecedented assault was Fish Village in College Point. Of the attack, which occurred around 8:20, the restaurant’s manager, Tony Hu, is quoted as saying, “From the time they entered to the time they left, it only took a minute. They didn’t say a word. We have no idea what was happening. I was behind the register and was in shock. Then I ran to call 911, but by the time I got through, they were already gone.”

A video posted to Twitter captures the chaotic moment.

So far, no motive for the attack has been identified.

Cricket Ice Cream

As the weather continues little by little to warm, many foodies’ fancies lightly turn to thoughts of ice cream. One ice cream parlor in the German city of Rottenburg is preparing for the summer crowds with a new flavor: cricket.

Eiscafe Rino already has a reputation for offering unusual flavors of the frozen dessert (last summer it was butter chicken ice cream with green chutney). So regular customers will hardly be surprised by the new addition to the menu, which is made with ground crickets and topped with whole dried bugs.

The Eiscafe’s owner, Thomas Micolin, said of his latest offering, “We’ve literally been inundated with … lots of criticism, lots of compliments, lots of surprises and lots of curiosity about our new cricket flour ice cream!”