Manhattan Chef, Who Had Been Reported Missing, Found Dead

Andrea Zamperoni (Image: YouTube screen grab)

Andrea Zamperoni, head chef of Cipriani Dolci, in Grand Central Terminal, has been found dead days after he was reported missing. The 33-year-old chef, who unexpectedly failed to show up for work on Monday after not missing a day in a decade, was found dead Wednesday night in a Queens building that police described as a “lodge.”

Police also found a naked woman in the room where Zamperoni body was found, but she has been ruled out as a suspect. There were no signs of trauma on the body.

According to NBC News:

One neighbor told NBC New York that she sees “a lot of prostitution, a lot of drugs” at the building, which she called a “hotel.”

…Cipriani Dolci, [the restaurant over which Zamperoni presided]. is a longstanding, popular destination for both local commuters and tourists. The Cipriani chain has eateries around the world.

“We have sadly learned that Andrea Zamperoni, a well-respected and beloved member of the Cipriani team for many years, who went missing last Sunday has been found deceased,” Cipriani Dolci said in a statement to NBC News on Thursday.

“His brother is overcome with grief and regrets he will not be available to provide any comments,” the statement said. “We trust the NYPD is exerting all efforts to investigate and bring clarity to this tragic situation.”