Krispy Kreme Is Going into the Ice Cream Business for Summer

Image: Krispy Kreme

The 21st century is rapidly becoming the age of the mashup. Dunkin’ Donuts comes out with a line of breakfast cereals. Kit Kat comes out with a blueberry muffin bar. Barefoot Wines offers a wine that tastes like Oreos. Everybody, it seems, wants a piece of everybody else’s pie.

Is it any wonder, then, that Krispy Kreme, which sells donuts in more locations than you can name, has entered the soft serve ice cream market? Or that the flavor the chain is selling in shakes, cones and cups is Original Glazed flavor? Even the waffle cones, which are made with Krispy Kreme’s doughnut mix and glaze flavor, reflect the product.

The company is starting small — with ten markets of which New York is not one — but don’t be surprised to find the blend here before the summer is out. After all, Krispy Kreme chose its New York flagship stores to be the sole location in its empire that can lay claim to having a donut-glazing waterfall.

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