King Charles’s Food Quirks; Free Prosecco with ‘Secret’ Word

King Charles (Image: YouTube screen grab)

Food eccentricities among holders of public office — from Richard Nixon’s fondness for cottage cheese and ketchup to former New York mayor Bill de Blasio’s preference for eating pizza with a knife and fork — are no secret. In fact, they are generally well publicized.

Such was the case when the book “Rebel Prince” appeared in 2018 and noted then-Prince Charles’s reaction to plastic wrap the first time he laid eyes on it. According to the book:

[T]he prince “walked into the dining room and shrieked. Fearing the worst, Camilla dashed in after him. ‘What’s this?’ asked her husband, pointing at the food.

“‘It’s cling film, darling,’ she replied.”

The account was reprised by The Mirror following the coronation on Saturday, this time with a caveat: “Without official comment, we don’t know whether Charles really did squeal at discovering cling film — or indeed other stories from Rebel Prince are fact or fiction.”

According to the article, the new king also has an aversion to eating strawberries out of season, though that’s actually a plus, in my estimation.

Free Prosecco with ‘Secret’ Word

Pappardella, a fixture on the Upper West Side, turns 40 this year. To help celebrate their anniversary, the restaurant is offering a gratis glass of prosecco to everyone in your party throughout the month of May provided you divulge the “secret code” to your server.

P.S. It’s la dolce vita.