Lucky Strike (Image via Twitter)

All restaurants are currently shuttered by government fiat. But some have already thrown in the towel, announcing that they have closed permanently.

The latest to publish its own obituary is Lucky Strike, the classic French bistro on Grand Street opened several decades ago by restaurateur Keith McNally.

McNally, who himself did battle recently with the dreaded COVID-19, is quoted by Eater as having said:

Unfortunately, it’s true. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, I was unable to find a way to make Lucky Strike work financially. This decision was particularly difficult since many of Lucky Strike’s wonderful staff have worked for me for over 20 years, and some of the customers have been coming since the day we opened: 31 years ago.

The demise of the restaurant comes as no surprise to restaurant insiders, who have known for several years that Lucky Strike wasn’t making money. McNally’s only reason for keeping the doors open was out of fondness for his loyal staff.

Nevertheless, seeing restaurants go under will increasingly become a source of pain to dedicated foodies, especially when the closure is of one of their favorite haunts.

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