On Nov. 16, Eleven Madison Park will be the setting for a sake and Champagne dinner choreographed jointly by IWA Sake founder Richard Geoffroy and Chef Daniel Humm. The dinner will commence with canapés and then proceed to a five-course plant-based tasting menu paired with sake from IWA — including its Assemblage 3, which has never been poured before — as well as a selection of cuvées from Dom Pérignon.

The cost of the dinner? $950 per person. Reservations, moreover, are restricted to parties of 2 or 4, ensuring a minimum cash outlay of $1,900.

We realize that there are people in the city for whom dropping $2,000 on a single dinner fails to elicit so much as a sigh. We also realize that restaurant prices, spurred on by inflation, are up all over the city. But where does it end? Is there a breaking point, and, if so, what is it?

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