Image: Heritage Kulfi

As has been noted elsewhere in these pages, Indian food in New York is enjoying a moment. Once a cheap date, restaurants representing the cuisine of the subcontinent have undergone a transformation. Glitzy purveyors of high-end fare like Junoon and Tamarind now dot the local landscape.

It is fitting in this climate that a premium brand of the Indian ice cream kulfi should arrive in the marketplace. Enter Heritage Kulfi.

The brainchild of Mansoor Ahmed, who launched his line of eight flavors in 2021, Heritage Kulfi is uncommonly rich and creamy thanks to the paucity of air whipped into it and the abundance of fresh cream. As a result, the flavor profiles — which include pistachio, Alphonso mango, saffron, rosewater, and cardamom chai — ring true.

If the quality of the product is not sufficient to win over converts, the fact that Heritage is egg-free and vegetarian-friendly might. The ice cream, moreover, is packed in sustainable containers, and ingredients are culled from local farms.

Heritage Kulfi is available throughout the five boroughs of New York and will soon be carried in all Citarella locations. The store locator, which can be found here, is regularly updated with new retailers.