In Time for Christmas KFC Releases Finger Lickin’ Chicken Mitten Bucket Hugger

Image: KFC

Preceded by the words “Why you…,” the name sounds like something a poker player in a vintage western might call a suspected cheater.

According to Nation’s Restaurant News, this limited-edition accessory is designed to protect customers from burning their fingers on the hot bucket in which the chain packages its product for delivery or pickup. (How diners avoid burning themselves on the hot chicken inside seems to be a problem as yet unsolved.)

The company describes the chicken cozy as a “one-of-a-kind knitted sweater that features a festive KFC holiday design that slides onto your bucket of KFC.” In case you were looking forward to wearing the mittens as outdoor apparel, it appears they are sewn onto the cozy.

In any event, the Bucket Hugger offer has already expired, having begun Nov. 9 and ended on the 11th. It doesn’t sound like the Colonel’s heirs have much holiday spirit.

Not to despair, however. Throughout the holiday season, KFC buckets will feature “a ‘Winter Chickenland’ design where everything is fried chicken and its [sic] finger lickin’ good!”

It’s beginning to look a lot like chicken. (Image: KFC)