How Would You Like to Have Your Own Private Shake Shack Truck for a Day?

Danny Meyer (Image: YouTube screen grab)

Would you be interested in realizing the fantasy described in the title? Or in cooking with Gramercy Tavern’s Mike Anthony? Perhaps you’d prefer to have dinner with ubiquitous restaurateur Danny Meyer at his iconic Union Square Cafe.

All are on the table at Union Square Hospitality Group’s online “HUGS” auction to be held in three days.

Danny Meyer is no stranger to charitable work. In 2017, he raised donations for Hurricane Harvey victims. Now he is lending a helping hand to his company’s beleaguered employees with an online auction, proceeds from which go to an employee relief fund.

Items to be auctioned, in addition to those mentioned above, are a seafood feast at Anchovy Social, Union Square Hospitality Group’s rooftop bar in Washington, D.C., and a multi-course truffle dinner at the home of Manahatta Chef Jason Pfeifer.

Bids  close at 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, April 14. Click here for more information. If you’d rather donate directly to the employee relief fund, you can do so here.

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