Image: The Hangover Shop

The Fourth of July is the third most popular drinking day of the year. For many who imbibe over the holiday weekend, that means nursing a big head on Tuesday.

if you raise one too many toasts to the Stars and Stripes this year, be advised that help is on the way. The Hangover Shop, a digital storefront from Vita Coco, is available on Instacart and is expanding locally in New York City through on-demand grocery delivery service Gorillas. Launched in select markets in February, The Hangover Shop now makes help accessible to consumers nationwide when they need it most, such as after this weekend’s celebrations.

No matter how you define hair of the dog, the shop has something to answer your hangover need. There is Vita Coco for hydration and over-the-counter medicines, such as pain relievers and antacids, to treat symptoms. The shop even sells salty snacks for salt cravers and candy, cookies, and ice cream for those requiring TLC.

Starting July 5, all 20 Gorillas locations across New York City will offer a free Vita Coco coconut water for the first 100 orders per store via The Hangover Shop.