Image AlexanderStein/Pixabay

With Valentine’s Day coming up in three weeks the timing could not be worse.

ABC in New York reports that the chocolatier has announced plans to close all 128 stores in North America. The article notes that the “retailer that has fallen victim to the coronavirus pandemic,” but it doesn’t specify whether the shutdown is the result of a fall-off in business or some other factor.

Although you can still place your order online, there’s something vaguely sterile about receiving the quintessential Valentine gift via parcel post: kind of like blowing a kiss from afar.

If your heart is set on hand-delivering sweets to your sweet, several other quality chocolatiers in New York have remained open. Neuhaus Belgian Chocolate on Madison Avenue across from St. Patrick’s Cathedral (500 Madison Avenue, 1-212-644-4490) is a purveyor of top-drawer chocolates. The company claims to have invented the Belgian praline.

Kreuther Handcrafted Chocolate (1114 Sixth Avenue, 212-201-1985) is known not only for its luxurious French-influenced chocolates but its sculptures and pastries crafted by a top pastry chef. Finally, you might want to consider Teuscher Fifth Avenue at Rockefeller Center (620 Fifth Avenue, 212-246-4416), maker of fine chocolates.