Image: Oumph!

A beer made with a lamb’s testicle, another that tastes like a vagina, cream of calf’s brain. We have chronicled some pretty weird foods in these pages, but this one could represent a whole new direction in the quest for weirdness. It is a plant-based burger made, according to its manufacturer, to capture the taste of human flesh.

The burger was developed by a Swedish plant-based food brand named Oumph! and is made of soya, mushrooms, wheat protein, and plant-based fats. Oh, and it is flavored with “a mysterious spice mix.”

Henrik Åkerman, Global Brand Leader at Oumph! is quoted at the company’s website as saying, “Our mission is to change how people eat, and it is our duty to use creativity as a tool to make this change happen. As a small brand we need to be bold and ready to push some boundaries to break through, and I think this campaign is a good example of us doing just that.”

A question that lingers for me is how Oumph! purports to know what “human meat” tastes like. When people sample an unfamiliar protein and say it tastes like chicken, they have a point of reference to support the claim. But whose point of reference informs the flavor of Oumph!’s “Human Meat Plant-Based Burger”? Did Oumph! hold a focus group made up of cannibals?

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