Image: Unregular Bakery

What are you doing for breakfast tomorrow? If your answer happens to be stopping in at Unregular Bakery in Union Square for a small drip coffee and a loaf slice, croissant pudding, or cinammony scrappamon, you could be their guest.

And, no, the bakery chain that rose to fame during the pandemic by exchanging squares of their Roman-style pizza for goods and services is not asking you to barter for your breakfast. They are, however, asking that you present the “limited edition sticker” you will have received by being one of the first 200 guests to arrive at the bakery beginning at 7 a.m. tomorrow, May 20. Snag one of the prized stickers, and Unregular will treat you to breakfast every morning for a month.

Unregular Bakery, 124 Fourth Avenue (bet 12th and 13th Sts).

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