Fat Choy, New York’s Premiere Vegan Chinese Restaurant, Is Closing

Fat Choy's Mushroom Sloppy (Image: Fat Choy)

It’s a question I have asked repeatedly, occasionally in print, since the wave of veganism washed over New York: Are the plant food movement’s days numbered?

The latest outpost to pull up stakes is Fat Choy in Soho (250 Broome Street, 347-778-5889), purveyor of among other meatless options a sloppy joe made with mushrooms. This week, the owners announced on Instagram that Dec. 23 would be the restaurant’s last day in business (which ironically was co-owner Justin’s birthday — some present!).

Granted, Fat Choy came to life in September of 2020, in the midst of the COVID pandemic. It was not an ideal time for any restaurant to be opening for business, but I can’t help but wonder if vegan restaurants aren’t continuously in the crosshairs because they represent an eventual reality that is anathema to so many people.

Let’s fervently hope not.

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