Farm.One Is In Danger of Closing and Needs Our Help

Each of us has a favorite restaurant or two or twelve that closed as a result of the pandemic. But it wasn’t only purveyors of the end product that were hurt by COVID. The farms that provided the raw ingredients to restaurants, not to mention home cooks, who subscribe to a farm-to-table ethic were also adversely affected.

One of the outfits in danger of vanishing permanently — Farm.One — is near and dear to my heart. I have been patronizing the indoor vertical farm in TriBeCa since it started selling to the public at large in 2020. I have been grateful to have access to the microgreens, edible flowers, and rare herbs previously reserved for the city’s Michelin-rated chefs.

As of last Friday, Farm.One was forced to close all its farms and cease all operations. Its entire staff was let go. Now on the verge of extinction, the company is turning to its loyal consumers to keep it from failing for good. They have mounted a crowdfunding campaign with a minimum goal of $1 million just to get the farm and the team back to work. All told Farm.One needs $5 million. If you’re interested in becoming an investor or want to learn more click here.

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