Cocktails and a Skyline View in Bushwick

What I’ve found to be impressive about the New York skyline is not only the majesty of many of the the structures that make it up but of the many improbable locations from which the city lights are visible. Exhibit A is Bushwick, Brooklyn. Here, on the rooftop of the newly opened Vacations Bar & Rooftop, you will find a sweeping panorama of the city, if from a distance.

You will also find well-mixed libations, all with an islands theme, such as Airplane Song (dark Jamaican rum, tart cherry syrup, and sarsaparilla bitters) and Topicale (Meyer lemon vodka, passion fruit liqueur, lime, and guava juice). Some interesting beers as well, among them Ommegang Witte Wheat Ale, brewed in the presence of coriander and sweet orange peel, and the slightly bitter but refreshing Sierra Nevada Hazy Little Thing IPA.

There are interactive games like cornhole for further diversion and munchies including papas bravas, a vegan Caesar salad, and burgers.

Vacations Bar & Rooftop, 321 Starr Street (at Cyprus Ave.), Brooklyn,

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