Flynn McGarry (Image: YouTube screen grab via The New York Times)

Flynn McGarry, the culinary wunderkind who began cooking at age 11, has just opened his latest venture on the Lower East Side, and it’s a gem — literally.

The restaurant, named Gem, might have more aptly been named “The House” based on the manner in which the physical space is deployed. During daylight hours, the physical space functions more-or-less as a cafe and coffee shop and is known as “The Living Room.” At night it metamorphoses in a high-end restaurant with 12 to 15 courses and is known as “The Dining Room.”

The website further advises that dinner in “The Dining Room” — which debuts tonight — is “broken into a few parts. It starts in the living room with snacks and champagne, then moves to the kitchen where you’ll eat a course and become familiar with Flynn and his kitchen team. After you’re seated the menu will be composed mostly of small dishes and finishes with a few larger family style portions and dessert. The format follows the structure of a dinner party, like the ones Flynn started throwing at 13 out of his mothers [sic] home. There are 2 seatings a night, Tuesday through Saturday with one at 6 and the other at 9.”

An optional wine pairing is available for $100.

With a per-person price of $155, Gem now takes its place among the firmament of New York’s most expensive restaurants. Not too shabby for young Flynn, who won’t turn 20 till this coming November.

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