Image: Chick-fil-A

Earlier this month, sandwich chain Chick-fil-A launched The Brake Room, a sanctuary on the Upper East Side where the city’s more than 65,000 hard-working food delivery workers can answer nature’s call, grab a tea or coffee, warm up, and recharge (both literally and figuratively) during these final winter months.

Drivers from all popular delivery outlets are welcome to use the facilities, provided they can produce a receipt or other evidence of a recent food delivery.

Located at 1477 Third Avenue, between 83rd and 84th Streets, The Brake Room will remain in operation through Thursday, April 13. Jared Caldwell, who owns and operates the nearby Chick-fil-A branch a few blocks away on Third between 86th and 87th Streets, observes, “In metro areas like New York City, we see the same food delivery workers come through nearly every day of the week, several times a day, and how taking an extra second to warm-up between deliveries or offering a glass of water helps to fuel them on for their shift. The food delivery community helps to power our businesses, and this is just our small way of showing appreciation for all they do.”

Image: Chick-fil-A\

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