Image: Dough

Saturday, Aug. 6, is National Donut Day. In commemoration of the event, New York donut chain Dough is offering a free donut to anyone who stops by one of its six locations. The company explains on Instagram that the offer is good for the one day only and while supplies last. How long will it take them to run out? You’ve heard of a New York minute, we presume?

By the way, we neglected to mention that these aren’t just any donuts. They are flavored with French’s Mustard, which may account for their bright yellow color.

Now, AppleEats is an admirer of Dough. They were one of the first local companies to send free donuts to frontline hospital personnel in the tri-state area when the pandemic hit. And they turn out a good product in a vast array of flavors.

Nevertheless, one has to wonder why they’re performing this latest stunt. Is it for the shock value? For publicity? Could it be that mustard donuts are actually tasty? Doors open tomorrow at 9 a.m. If you score one, let us know how it was.

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