Ho-ho-ho! And have you been a good little girl or boy? If so, maybe Santa will be good to you this year and give you one of the items listed below. None of them will fit comfortably into your stocking, but all will make nifty additions to your home kitchen.

The first item up will follow you wherever you go. It is the perfect solution for people who can’t get by without a meal cooked over charcoal. From Kikkerland comes the “Portable BBQ [sic] Suitcase. (Surely you know the difference between grilling and barbecuing even if they don’t.) The beauty of this little beauty is its size — 8.66” high x 12.52” wide x 2.83” deep.

It has enough grid space (also 8.66 inches) to accommodate two people. Buy it online from Wayfair and save 22% off the retail price, bringing the total down to $66. Order by Tuesday, Dec. 20, and shipping is free.

If it’s pizza you prefer, you’ll want to know about the wood-fired pizza oven from Uuni. Features include a stone baking board, which increases thermal mass, making for a more even browning. But you haven’t heard the best part: The Uuni 2S reaches temperatures of 932°F! We’re talking Naples temperatures here! The oven bakes a pie (13-inch max) in 60 seconds. The cost: $299.

Of course, any foodie worth his salt dreams of own a sous vide immersion circulator to cook like a restaurant chef but is turned off by the price. But now, thanks to the magic of deal maker Amazon, you can latch on to a Sansaire Sous Vide Immersion Circulator for $158.41, shipping included! The unit operates at 110 volts and promises to cook steak “better than expensive steakhouses, for a fraction of the cost.”

That’s it for now. I will be back in days to come with some less pricey gadgets that also make nifty gifts.