We are four days closer to Christmas than we were when I penned Part 1 of AppleEats’s ultimate holiday shopping guide for 2019. Here without delay is Part 2, which includes more modest gift ideas for those of you not looking to break the bank in order to say “Merry Christmas” to the foodies in your life.

There are few flying insects this time of year, which is beside the point when planning meals because no one eats outside when the mercury hovers close to freezing. That might make the WineVeil seem like a less-than-appropriate Christmas gift since its main function is to keep flies out of your wine, but you can always include a note reading “Don’t open till June.” The veils, which come in a variety of pastel shades, are weighted do they don’t blow away when a summer breeze comes along. Each veil is 5 inches square and made of high-quality organza. Price $24.99.

Analon, makers of cookware, bakeware, and accessories, is offering a number of items that will make the season bright for your favorite baker or book. Consider their teak and marble cutting board that can do double duty both as prep tool and for presentation on your table or a buffet. The board is durable and features a trendy brass accent strip and helpful lifting handle. The price is $49.99.

Image: Analon

You’ve heard of smart phones and smart cards? Meet the smart grill brush. With its ergonomic design, which includes a 31-inch stainless steel handle the Texas Brush is the perfect gift for the grilling or barbecue aficionado in your life. What makes the brush smart is its patented “wear indicator,” which lets the cook know when it’s time to replace the brush head. The price — $79 — sounds high until you look at the condition of the grill brush you’ve been using up till now.

Ahh, nothing like a cool, refreshing beer — especially when it’s made in your home. With Brewferm, crafting your own Belgian beer is easy and free of guesswork. Each Breferm kit comes with all the equipment you need to clean, ferment, and cap your pints, as well as all the ingredients carefully pre-measured and ready to brew. Simply add sugar and water and follow the instructions. Then it’s “Skoal!” (or whatever they say in Belgium when they hoist a glass). Prices start at $99.95.


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