Answers to the Latest Fast Food Trivia Quiz

Pig's blood and century eggs pizza (Image: YouTube screen grab)

If you answered the questions asked in yesterday’s fast food trivia quiz, you are about to find out how many you got right.

Even if you chose not to play, read on. The post below is sure to contain some surprising facts about the tastes and values of other cultures that you may have been unaware of.

For your convenience the questions are repeated below, in boldface. The answers follow.

  1. In what in-the-news country does Pizza Hut offer “No. 1 Salted Chicken Pizza?” Answer: Taiwan.
  2. In addition to the above-mentioned salted chicken (as well as Parmesan cheese, tempura, and fried squid), what unexpected sweet ingredient is found in No. 1 Salted Chicken? Answer: Oreos. (Do we hear a “yum”?)
  3. In what other in-the-news country does McDonald’s serve a cilantro Sundae? Answer: China. (Another name for cilantro in much of Asia is “Chinese parsley.”)
  4. Which fast food chain carries chili paste pork ice cream? Answer: McDonald’s. (Are you “lovin’ it”?)
  5. In what country will you find the treat specified in question 4? Answer: Thailand.
  6. What fast food chain sells the popular(!) pig’s blood and century eggs pizza? Answer: Pizza hut. Cheapism notes, “After Pizza Hut Taiwan discovered preserved eggs and a street food made with sticky rice and pig’s blood were generating tons of buzz, they decided to put both on a pizza in mid-2021. Amazingly, the stunt worked. Sales for the new pizza broke a previous record set in 2019 for durian pizza — and one was bought every 8 seconds. The new pizza sold out just four days after it launched.”
  7. What is the name of the item pictured below? Answer: It’s a red bean bagel ball.
  8. In what country can you find the item specified in question 7? Answer: It is sold at Dunkin’ in South Korea.
  9. Which fast food offered kolackies — triangular donuts stuffed with sweetened fruit — in the U.S. but promptly pulled them when they didn’t sell. Answer: McDonald’s. As we reported here, the Kolacky (also spelled “kolache,” “kolach,” “koláče,” “koláč,” and “koláčky”) is a Bohemian delicacy. Ray Kroc is said to have launched the product in honor of his mother, but the dessert never caught on.
  10. One chain featured a scrambled egg wrapped in a sausage patty encased in turn by a waffle, but deep-sixed it when it failed to catch on. Answer: Taco Bell. Known as a waffle taco, the breakfast item performed well when test-marketed. But once added to the Taco Bell menu, it proved to be a dud.
  11. At one point, Pizza Hut had deep-fried wads of sweetened pizza stuffed with chunks of candy on their menu. What were these called? Answer: Kit Kat Pops. The candy in question was the bar of the same name.
  12. What was in McDonald’s ill-fated “Hula Burger”? Answer: A slice of grilled pineapple served on a bun between two slices of processed cheese.
  13. What fast food chain sells “kebab pizza” in France and The Netherlands? Answer: Domino’s. Why these particular nations carry a dish that sounds like it would be a hit in the Middle East is a head scratcher.
  14. In what country can you find a “foie gras burger”? Answer: Japan. (Did you guess France?)
  15. Which chain sells the delicacy described in question 14? Answer: The sandwich is on the menu at Wendy’s, which according to Cheapsim attempts to portray itself as more sophisticated than other fast food burger outlets.

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