Image: Brooklyn Chop House

If you haven’t yet dropped the 2.5 Ethereum (which as of today is roughly worth $6,443) required for a membership at The Flyfish Club, here’s your chance to spend your cryptocurrency on steak instead. Make that “steak and Chinese food.” The “chop house” in the name Brooklyn Chop House is meant as a double entendre, designating not only steak but chopsticks.

Brooklyn Chop House, which is scheduled to open in April in Times Square, is the latest NFT restaurant to hit the blockchain gang. Like the Flyfish Club, it exists entirely to satisfy the whims of the obscenely rich. Unlike the Flyfish Club, membership merely starts at approximately $8,000. High rollers with a mind can opt for the $1 million membership, which grants you not only access to the club but 0.25% ownership in the restaurant.

Food of course is extra — and cornball. At the Flyfish Club, an extra 1.75 Ethereum at least makes you eligible for the “omakase experience.” At Brooklyn Chop House, the last word in opulence is a $495 extravaganza given on the menu as “LSD” (that’s lobster, steak, and duck — get it?). Meant to feed 5 to 6 people, the gluttonous undertaking translates to 2 pounds of salt-and-pepper lobster, 2 pounds of ginger-garlic lobster, 3 pounds of 35-day dry-aged prime porterhouse, 7 pounds of Peking duck, all rounded out by platters of lobster-and-chicken fried rice, French fries, onion rings, and wok-fried mushroom and onions.

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