Tandoori chicken (Image: Jaz)

Like so many would-be restaurateurs who tell the same story, Jaz Rupall, an expatriate of England, saw her dream of opening a restaurant in Manhattan deferred by COVID-19 pandemic. But working from home at her “day job” turned out to be a mixed blessing, enabling her to devote part of the day to  cooking her favorite Indian dishes. As the rules on social distancing relaxed, she began inviting friends to dinner cum cooking classes.

Now that her dream is finally about to become a reality — her restaurant Jaz is set to open a week from Wednesday, on Mar. 16 — she hopes to continue running cooking classes out of the restaurant.

Naturally, those who come to eat will remain her first priority. She will feed them dishes that are familiar — chicken tikka masala, the most popular Indian dish in Britain — as well as several that aren’t. Jardaloo gosht, a Parsee favorite made with lamb, dry apricots, and straw potatoes, is one of them.

As in most New York Indian restaurants, breads, which are intended as eating utensils as much as they are for sustenance, will flow from the tandoor. But unlike most New York Indian restaurants, the breads at Jaz will include Peshawari naan, a sweet take on the leavened loaf that is stuffed with almonds, raisins, and coconut.

Jaz will be open daily for lunch and dinner.

Jaz, 813 Ninth Avenue (at 54th St.), New York, 917-675-7440.