The world is made up of two types of people: French fry lovers and everyone else. For true, card-carrying fry lovers (yo!), there’s no compromise. Only the genuine item — hand cut, freshly fried strips of potato — will do … and the more, the better.

If the words “We’re here to take your French fry experience to the next level” sound like a challenge to you, then you’ll want to know about FryGuys, which just opened on the Lower East Side.

Owners McKenzie Foster and Marco Lanuto take fries seriously. Witness the “Frycano” — twelve (you read right: 12!) pounds of fries, toppings, and sides erupting from a towering three-tiered vessel.

For daintier appetites, there are the loaded fries, which come a mere two pounds to the order ($8) and can be partnered with the likes of double fried chicken with maple gravy, smoky pulled pork BBQ with slaw, or bacon, guacamole, and queso.

You begin your french fry odyssey by choosing whether you want your fry classic, wavy, or sweet. An order of naked fries is $6, but for a buck extra you can add one of a dozen sauces: roasted garlic aioli, chipotle mayo, and sriracha … the list goes on.

The FryGuys are already planning seasonal specials that revolve around the fry theme. For Thanksgiving, for example, they will offer house-roasted turkey and gravy on sweet potato fries, and come Hanukkah FryGuys will light up with latkes.

FryGuys, 150 E 2nd Street, nr. Ave. A, (917) 319-7179. Open daily noon, to 2 a.m.