A Cheetos-Themed Wedding Chapel Comes to the Las Vegas Strip

Image: Frito-Lay

There is something about fast food, Sin City, and holy matrimony.

In 2017, we reported that the Taco Bell located on the Strip in Las Vegas had added marriage to its menu. Now chip maker Frito-Lay has gotten in on the action, opening a Cheetos wedding chapel on the same busy thoroughfare.

According to People, the site was consecrated on Super Bowl Sunday when a pair of Frito-Lay Employees tied the knot in a ceremony co-officiated by none other than Chester Cheetah.

Image: Frito-Lay

The chapel, known formally as “Cheetos’ Chapel Mischief & Matrimony,” is but one feature of what locals are now calling the “Chip Strip.” Other features include a pop-up Tostitos café and a refitting of Luxor’s pyramid as a gigantic Dorito.

The wedding chapel has received the most buzz, which is understandable when you consider that the betrothed are decked out in Cheetos-inspired costumes and that the nuptials are performed by a hologram of the famed Cheetos mascot. The chapel even offers a Cheetos-inspired cake ball truffle for post-ceremony dessert.

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