This Brooklyn Baker Is Celebrating Mardi Gras with King Cake Donuts

Image: Fan-Fan Doughnuts

Can’t make it down to the Big Easy this year for Fat Tuesday, which is this coming Tuesday, March 1? You can still get a taste of the festivities and their culinary underpinnings for the price of a subway ride. Through Tuesday, Fan-Fan Doughnuts, in Bed-Stuy Brooklyn, will be featuring king cake donuts, which in a further gesture to the Crescent City will be made with Southern Comfort. The spiced whiskey-based liqueur originated there and will be incorporated into the citrusy glaze that tops the colorful confections. The donuts are priced at $4 a piece, and quantities are being limited to four a person.

Fan-Fan notes on its Instagram page that, in keeping with New Orleans custom, a few of the donuts will contain a small figurine baked into them and urges caution. Those lucky enough to find the figure are further advised to send a picture and to tag @fanfandoughnuts and @southerncomfort in order to get a special surprise.

Fan-Fan Doughnuts, 448 Lafayette Ave, Brooklyn, 347-533-7544.

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